Friday, December 14, 2012

Liminal Darkness

Sitting in the dark while the world is still sleeping is a magical thing. This time of night/morning, this time of transitions, somehow feels personal. It feels like it belongs to me alone, like I am the only person in the world. Sadly I only seem to come here when I am in pain. This pain can be physical, as it is now, or emotional, as it is often. It is a place that I wish I could visit more often when things or going well. Here is the world found after waking from nightmares. This is the place you find yourself in when you wake super early to catch a flight. It is a time of waking up early to finish that term paper, or staying up late to finish reading the required manuscript before a test. This is a time of internal thoughts becoming external. It is a time of liminal space. I can honestly say it is a magical time that belongs to me, just as it belongs to all of you. And, it is better than any movie or book has ever tried to make it out to be. I think I will try and spend more time here on purpose. That thought of, If I only had a little more time in the day, can come true. I will plant seeds of wonder and joy here and see what happens. Will I write a book? Will I create masterworks of art? Will I transform myself into who I am becoming? Who knows? *shrug* But, it will be fun trying.


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