Friday, February 24, 2012

Ace of Wands

Today I pulled the Ace of Wands. I found this a fortuitous card. I feel this card a wonderful card to follow the Four of Wands. It denotes an abundance of new creative energy. It is a card of beginnings. New people, ideas, and endeavors all may quickly enter your life. It lends itself to many things from love and romance to work and new projects. The trick is looking around to see them. They may not be right in front of you.

The focus is on feeling energized, inspired and ambitious. All these things point towards achieving your potential and an awakening of your ability to plan and execute those plans. The awakening may be one of spiritual awakening or finding that inner drive that propels you to success.

This card's areas of influence in your life are many. In love it shows new perspective for an existing relationship, a way of starting over or rekindling the spark. Or, It could show the wonderful rapidly developing energy of a new relationship. In health it shows the body's revitalization and influx of energy needed to heal and balance the body. It can also show the burst of energy to get up off of the couch and start those lifestyle changes that promote better health. Family, fortune, enterprise, invention; these all can show an influx of creative/inspirational energies.

As pointed out earlier this card does point to a rapid change, an opening of doors, or new beginnings. Be mindful of your thoughts and see where the creative energies take you. If you have many thoughts and can not hold on to them all, journal them and review them later. New people, places, energies, and goals will likely appear in your life. Look for them. Take note of them. They will be important. Maybe not right this moment, but in the future. This is a card of fantastic beginnings, build from this foundation see the signs around you. In the future those signs will guide you towards you goals. Now get up and use that inspired energy. Act on it. Create your world.

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