Friday, February 24, 2012

Old friends and phone calls

As I was working with the Ace of Wands energy today and mulling over what that could mean I got a phone call from an old friend. Actually one of my oldest friends. As we talked I remembered some of our time together when we lived in the same city and all of the fun and trouble we got into while running around. He is a wonderfully adjusted man who is going through problems that many other people face out in the world right now. He lost his house in the mortgage crunch, he and his wife have been struggling with unemployment on and off the last few years, and they have been hit with some pretty hard family problems.

The thing that struck me most through the hour long conversation was that he was still upbeat. He still had joy in his life from somewhere. He was happy. I found that I envied him that happiness. As we continued talking and we compared our lives and he asked about mine, and pulled out little details since we last talked, I realized that he was happy for me. How could he be happy for me when I struggled with all the things in my life? I realized that my unhappiness was not my feeling of now, but a feeling of then. I had been holding on to things from my past that by recounting and filling him in on the missed time resurfaced.

I realized that as our conversation moved from the past to the present and our future plans I was happy. I was joyful at the things I was planning to do, and where I was at this moment in my life. He was living in the moment through our whole conversation. He could see my moment while we were talking. He took joy in where I was. Sean, my old friend, thank you for reminding me of the joys of now. For helping to see this moment for what it is. A constant beginning. Now is a joyous thing.

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