Monday, March 12, 2012

Charge of the Dark God

I often take long walks at night with a hot cup of tea and my cellphone, and wander through the city. It is a time to reflect, think, and heal. While the world around me slumbers I take the time to walk through dark places and collect my thoughts about my life. Walking about in the dark brings me a feeling of solitude and sense of completion to my day. What may start as a sun filled busy morning often ends the same way, with a feeling of being hurried and never getting enough done. Away from my computer and out of my apartment I can feel at peace for a few minutes each night while silently walking the streets.

There are a few things that I have begun to learn on my walks. While I may be alone, I am never alone. My shadow is constantly in attendance with me on these lovely walks. He is always listening and watching. He has no voice to the outside world but mine. He cannot act on his own. His movements are complimentary to mine, and never in conflict. He exists only in that moment. For all that he may seem powerless, I feel there are lessons to learn from him.

In my musing upon my shadow one night my mind flashed to the Charge of the Sun God, by the Lady Yeshe Rabbit. This piece has become an important part of my journey into the pagan world. I realized that just as the sun casts light through the day, at night, the light from the moon is an older and more well traveled version of the same light. It is just delayed in its journey as it stops by the moon on its way first. With that thought I began looking for the lessons and wisdom of the Sun God at night. This led to my creation of the Charge of the Dark God. It is written to be a companion piece to the the Charge of the Sun God, to be read following it. But, it easily stands on its own.

Charge of the Dark God

Look within for the wisdom of the Sun God.
The rays of whose fingers stretch across the earth
Whose shadows reveal the secrets of life.

I am the shade of the mountain
and the bed of the rushing river
and the mark of the sacred arrow
and the prey of the wild hunt.

Call unto your soul, "Let go!" And, follow your heart.
For I am the spirit of illumination that grants insight to the souls of all.

By my light journey forth into the Mysteries,
and in your shadow,
seek your destinations and personal truths.

From before my light of flame and sun,
let your shadow stretch to the horizon,
and it's wisdom whisper to your soul.

For behold! All quests of knowledge and truth are my ritual!

Therefore let there be:

Grace within stillness,
Understanding within peace,
Poise within joy,
and vision within restraint
throughout you.

And those of you who seek to know me, know this:
Your seeking and yearning shall avail you not unless you know your divine self.
For if that which you seek you find not in this world,
then you must turn within to create it.

For behold, I have been within you from the beginning ,
and am the moment of between in all things,
ever existing in the past, future and always in the now.

-Gatekeeper Jey, copyright 2012

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